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On December 9, 2016, general manager of ANHUI JL INT’L LOGISTICS CO.LTD, Jin Huailin accompanied by relevant personnel in the company, warmly entertained the customer from Iraq to discuss the international freight forwarding business. The meeting went smoothly, and achieved fruitful results.

China international forwarding industry is the focus of the national service establishments.Relying on the rapid development of foreign trade,it has made remarkable achievements and makes a positive contribution to the development of national economy. In the current domestic economy, Manager Jin always don’t stick to one pattern, brainstorming, putting the eye to the international, diligent in doing business, and actively explore overseas customers for the company. The good news are often heard. On December 9, customer from Iraq with my company negotiated International freight forwarding business . Manager Jin  always had a warm hospitality. First, he friendly greeted the customer in English, and talked with Chinese culture and other topics of common interest. Then,everyone entered the meeting point in exploring International freight forwarding business . Everyone like friends sat together to talk about business while chat. Laughter filled in the office, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus on several issues of common interest, realizing the mutual benefit and win-win results, paving the way for future closer cooperation. In order to celebrate the cooperation smoothly, Manager Jin treated customer friendly in Iraq. The customer said before he left, we were very attentive, he was very fond of us, and would keep close cooperation in the future.

The success of the cooperation is just the tip of the iceberg for many successful cases. But it shows that the company  is becoming more and more mature in the field of international freight forwarding business .It highlights the company"s strength and full of confidence for the staff, It also let ANHUI JL INT’L LOGISTICS CO.LTD ,the ship sailing in the wave of international walk the line!
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