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The Activity of Evaluating Excelent staffs and groups of Year 2016

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The Activity of Evaluating Excelent staffs and groups of Year 2016

  As the vigorous year 2016 will pass soon, Anhui J’L which is developing rapidly meets the activity of evaluating excelent staffs and groups of year 2016. Our company keeps the corporate cultural discipline of “human-oriented” and struggles to improve the staffs’ selfware system all the time. We colud find that it concerns the staffs’ vital interests in its own development process and advocates the cultural idea of making staffs and company develop together. With our company expanding continously, a batch of excellent staffs and groups emerge every year. Their outstanding performance, hard-working, self-motivation and self-enhancement play good examples for all staffs and also are the original motives of promoting Anhui J’L expand. For encouraging them and exciting their deeper latent to bring better performance and leading the whole team to develop further, our office leader organizes all staffs to vote in a fair, just and open way. The results are following:

   The 2016th excellent staffs are below:

   Business Department:  Kan He

                                         Wu Zhenwu

Documentation:  Geng Yuting

                              Yu Cui

The 2016th excellent groups:   The second group of Documentation

                                                   Office Department

The 2016th Sales Champion: Gao Kunshan

For the individuals, groups and relevant persons in charge who obtain the above honor, our company gives them various inducements to encourage them.

We express our sincere congratulations to the above staffs who obtain the titles of excellent staffs and groups. Their outstanding performance is worth learning. At the same time, they could not be self-satisfaction and still need to struggle on the basis of the present achievements. In summing up the whole working condition of year 2016, we know that other staffs are also making hard efforts. They all have good performance on their own operating posts and also deserve to be reawrded. As year 2016 will end and new year will come, based on summing up the excellent working experience of the past year, we should step into the new year’s work with full enthusiasm. All of us need to be down-to-earth, relaxing thoughts, looking further and joint together to make our company develop higher and further!

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