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New Year’s Speech on January 1, 2017

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New Year’s Speech on January 1, 2017

--From Jin Huailin, General Manager

     Our company obtains gratifying achievements in year 2016. That is getting a great progress of making company’s organization and management system, froming an initial formation of the organization system and management pattern of “department leading group”, obtaining the obvious achievements of all business sectors developing to the trend of centralized management. However, there is also a big gap between peers or other companies and our company in the supplier management, staffs’ ideological construction building, cultural construction building and other aspects. We still need to adcance substantially!

     As time flies quickly, the year 2016 passed. We express our sincere gratitude to all staffs for their hard-working and wholehearted dedication. We also express our sincere gratutide to their families for them supporting the staffs silently and let them always put their hearts into work.

     Our company"s development prospect is imagination, inspiration and endeavour. However, in year 2017, we do not know how many twists and turns, setbacks and difficulties are waiting for us. In order to unify tall staffs’ thinking, form a common goal, promote the steady development of our company, form a better tomorrow, honor and fulfil the development achievements benefiting the staffs who make hard-working, We introduce “the company’s development program outline of year 2017” scientificly to determine the company’s development indexes and goals of year 2017, improve the staffs’ wages and benefits, enrich the cultural construction and standardize the system management. Under this way, we all staffs are forging ahead for getting the overall development goal.

     In year 2017, I wish all staffs and their families would be healthy, safe, harmonious and happy. Under the leadership of our company’s Party Branch, we will unite like a fortress and innovate together, we will keep dedication and are confident, able and wisdom to complete and even exceed the company’s targets and goals in “the company’s development program outline of year 2017”.

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