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Outward Bound of Military Training---Anhui JL Int’l Logistic Co., Ltd

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The 6th-7th October, the autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp during National Day holiday. There was a special outward bound for JL’s staff---military training.   

We experienced two days military training in Yaohai park meticulously organized by the office, the branch of CPC, the planning department and the bound company.


We trained as solider with high spirit, such as running, standing a pose of soldier, walking in solider step, standing at attention, turning around and so on. We performed so well according the coach’s guide. The coach arranged some games during the strict training in order to relieve our fatigue. We were solider that time.

Two days’training is short, but it’s the long-term for us because our daily work is staying in the office, so we all felt tired after training, but we didn’t give up and held on till the end. After training, general manager, the coach and we held the meeting and discussed what we experienced and learned. We got the conclusion from  this training: we are a conquering team, and can deal issues well in coordination. For the road to success, effective communication is the situation; coordination is the basis; carrying out efficiently is the key. We not only built our body but also understood the meaning of many things through the training.

We will continue to hold the same activity according to the people oriented management principle. The training not only built our body but also enhanced our cohesive force and implementation capacity. Therefore, the similar activity is meaningful for the company development!

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