Company management

1 learning and training

It is a knowledge society today, "learning society", in order to cultivate more excellent talents, to provide customers with better service, we will organize logistics knowledge training and English learning on Saturday morning every week.It can enhance the feelings among departments, but also really improve people"s working efficiency and the enthusiasm through mutual learning.

2 regular meeting system

Do not solve the problem of meeting, we don"t open. Adhere to the weekly regular meeting system, everyone actively speak, put forward the problems in the work, and analyze the cause of problems, actively summarize, avoid future colleagues to make the same mistake again. At the same time experienced method with good you share them, really achieve resource sharing.

3 weekly plan, monthly plan

Confucius said: "a man without worries, there must be short." -- "the Analects of Confucius" the Duke

Forewarned is vertical, not relaxation is waste. The doctrine of the mean "--" the book of Rites

Do one thing, to say a word, no matter how you must have a plan,You need to ask yourself whether there is significance of this thing or the sentence. But Jinling employees do, We summarize the work this week, and do the arrangements for the next week"s work, only in this way, we can not miss any work.