Export business

  1. seaborne exports route shipping companies have long-term cooperation to provide adequate accommodation and better prices;
  2. With a number of shipping companies such as CMA, China Shipping, HJ, HMM, ZIM, MSK and collaboration and other units contracted to maintain good relations of cooperation;
  3. enjoy preferential tariffs for each route, from a variety of channels to obtain shipping quotes to help customers choose the best option, saving transportation costs;
  4. overseas branch or agency in a timely manner dynamic customer feedback cargo transportation information, to allow customers to keep abreast of goods shipped and arrive circumstances;
  5.FOB seaborne imports and other foreign EXW or pick up bookings, domestic ports import clearance formalities and other services;
  6. booking, warehousing, transshipment, container consolidation, customs clearance, inspection and other aspects of the accuracy of the goods at the customer documents 3-4 working days to complete;
  7. took the production and export shipping documents.